19/06/2017: Elephant Equity has taken over 100% of the shares of MBA Polymers Inc, USA, a worldwide leading technology company producing post-consumer recycled plastics from end-of-life durable goods. MBA Polymers was incorporated 2003 in California and has build, owned and operated production facilities in China, Austria and UK with a raw feed capacity of above 140.000 metric tons per annum. MBA Polymers Inc currently owns more than 40 patents worldwide which backs the production of virgin grade products including ABS, PC-ABS, PP and PE. In 2016 MBA Polymers Inc has generated a consolidated turnover of above 40m EUR. Elephant Equity aims to further develop the recycling technology and to establish new plastic production facilities in promising markets. Elephant Equity will integrate MBA Polymers in its other waste management, recycling and engineering activities in Europe and Asia.  


15/05/2017: Orgatreatments Pvt. Ltd. a joint investment of REMONDIS Group Germany, LIVIA Group and Elephant Equity have started the expansion of its animal feed production facility in India. Orgatreatments Pvt. Ltd. will focus on the treatment of citrus waste, generated by Citrus Processing India Pvt. Ltd., India's largest producer of Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice (FCOJ) and promoted Black River, Pepsi, HDFC-Bank and a group of Swiss investors. Orgatreatments Pvt. Ltd. owns the factory site and all relevant assets of the state-of-the art animal feed production unit.


31/12/2016Green Elephant, a 55% portfolio company of Elephant Equity has sold its firs biogas plant ouside India to a customer based in Abu Dhabi, utilizing organic waste in order to generate electricity. In total Green Elephant has build and operates 17 biogas and waste management facilities in India and is currently treating 150.000 mt of organic waste per day. Green Elephant and a group of German investors owns India´s largest biogas up gradation plant and sales approx. 3 million m3 compressed natural biogas (CBG) to industrial customers such as Asia Paints, Essar Steel or Mangalore Minerals.