Elephant Equity is a privately held investment company incorporated in 2006. Elephant Equity has promoted ventures and developed companies focusing on interrelated technologies and innovations in areas of oil and gas, recycling and infrastructure, natural resources and energy. Elephant Equity is headquartered in Germany with affiliates based in Austria, India, China and the USA.


Elephant Equity aims to provide expertise, mentoring, and a global network of investors that intent to benefit on opportunities emerging markets, innovations as well as unique state-of-the art technology can offer. Elephant Equity has tied up with several private and institutional investors and has so far allocated investments more than €70m for small and medium sized companies headquartered in Europe, being active globally. 


Elephant Equity targets companies we believe have the potential to add value by not only injecting capital, but also by mentoring, providing operating and management expertise. We offer flexible acquisition mechanisms, succession models or carve-out structures. Elephant Equity is obliged to invest in companies which are not in conflict with any ecological and ethical restrictions and is taking corporate social responsibility.


Elephant Equity is following a entrepreneurial business practice and committed to involve its management to support expansion activities. Where Elephant Equity is a minority shareholder, we are engaged actively with the board of directors to realize additional value. Given the permanent nature of our capital we take extremely long term views about the businesses we invest in.